Jeff Smallwood Photography
Lightroom Preset Details

Reverse Graduated Neutral Density (RGND) Filter

Simulates a slight reverse neutral density filter. This filter is darker on the horizon to deepen the bright colors when the sun is low, but is clearer on top to allow the bright sky to show up without beeing too dark. This filter assumes the horizon is at the 1/3 mark on the bottom, so you may need to adjust depending on your shot. It can definitely be tweaked from here and is just meant to provide a quick starting point.

This filter raises overall exposure 0.8 EV, drops the exposure -1 EV on the horizon and gradually brings it back up to +1 EV toward the top.

Sunrise & Sunset Boost

Helps bring out the deep colors of sunrise or sunset without the use of a neutral density (ND) filter. Best results when shooting in RAW.

Adds blues to the sky, structure to clouds, warmth to the foreground, vibrance, and slight vignette.

NOTE: Please note there are two versions of this preset included, one for horizons composed in the lower third, one for horizons in the upper third. The graduated filters can be tweaked by hitting the "M" key after applying the preset.

Portraits Backlit by Sunlight

Late afternoon is a great time to take portraits, but if your results are missing that nice warm glow you were trying to capture, this preset might work. Also useful as a starting point.

Adds warmth and glow, softens the skin, slight noise reduction, and a medium vignette.

NOTE: Depending on the light, you may find this preset a little too warm. If so, adjust your temperature setting after applying the preset.

Black & White Portrait #1

A softening and brightening black and white preset that I use quite a bit. Very useful as a starting point for developing a portrait.

Slight metallic B&W, soften, sharpen, and small vignette.